Semester B Project

Week 1 – Project Outline

For my Semester B Project I will researching the creation of pop music and the producer’s role as a co-creator. My initial ideas for this project came from my fascination with Max Martin. Max Martin is regarded by many as the most prolific writer/producer of the 21st Century. Having writing/production credits with Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Weekend, Maroon 5, James Blunt and Justin Timberlake (to name a few!). He has accumulated the 3rd most #1s of all time, behind Paul McCartney & John Lennon and also is the runner up of producers with the most #1s of all time, #1 space being occupied by George Martin.

For this project I will be researching production styles of contemporary pop music and the writing styles that accompany it with Producer/Writers. Below is a list of several artists I will be identifying with and breaking the production/writing down. Each week I will be adding to my research by having a more in-depth look at these songs and the production.

Lorde – Royals
Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
Fall Out Boy – Centuries
Lana Del Rey – Video Games
Haim – If I Could Change Your Mind

I have also created an iTunes listening playlist to familiarise myself with songs that are pop orientated which have achieved commercial acclaim. The majority of the tracks have producer/writers and use a team. Over the coming weeks I will be listening to this playlist to influence my work, and most likely be adding/removing songs from the playlist.

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