Semester B Project

Song Composition – Joel Little

Joel Little was Lorde’s producer for her debut EP and album. He co wrote and produced the smash hit “Royals” with Lorde. Within this interview Little describes the roles of producers with artists and how he composes songs with them (LO1+3)

“The main role of a producer…there’s lots of different types of producer. There’s guys who just do beats, and then there’s guys who don’t touch any recording equipment or can’t play an instrument, but they’re kind of good at being visionaries and directing the whole process” This is the crux of the potential fall down of my project. I am doing everything myself. I recognise that I have strengths and weaknesses, and writing music/vocals in a genre that I have never done before is a big challenge. This is the exact reason why pop artists have several writers, due to the fact that some people are better at writing melodies than others and someone might be better than the others for producing beats etc.

“She’d bring in these lyrics…I was super impressed and then we started putting music to the lyrics. Lorde came in with the lyrics to Royals and we immediately came up with (hook) and then we couldn’t think of anything else that day, thought about it over night and then knocked it out.” I empathise with this due to the nature of this project being a lot of work for very little pay off at a time. It is very difficult, but being proactive in working and pushing onwards is what has to be done.

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