Around & Around & Around – Critique & Benchmarking

This track was the bane of my life throughout the project. It utilises many tracks and this caused significant problems within logic as my mac couldn’t cope with the amount of tracks, which resulted in me microworking. To me, this track does sound too much like a demo, albeit with some good techniques and pop music analysis (LO 1/2/4) it does not (in my opinion) reach the benchmark level, which is a huge disappointment to me. I originally went for something like Coldplay/Chainsmokers song “Something Just Like This” and I used this for my benchmark material. I utilised several instruments they used (Piano, pads, ) and utilised vocal production (double tracking/melodyne/reverbs) that were similar to this track. I believe the composition of this track was most likely the hardest to crack on the project, due to the fact it is less loop driven than the other tracks and requires more layers to work effectively and keep the track moving. Once again, my melodyne skills here were vastly improved due to it being the last track I melodyned. The double tracked chorus of “Around & Around” is perfectly intune to my ears, and needed a little tweaking timing wise to get the phrases in, but I believe this to be a strong positive to take away from the track as it enabled me to achieve (LO4) I also utilised the kick and snare again to place underneath and used piano, however it was not a real piano, going back to JR Rotem “There’s very little point recording real piano nowadays, the VSTs sound just as good.” This has enabled me to achieve (LO2/3/4)

The main issue for me is the drop of the track, which is a totally new concept to me and I had to mess around with it a lot – however the progression is visible when compared with the initial track I uploaded to my blog. I took the kick┬ádrum off the offbeat and made it a straight beat after some advice from listeners. Making the chorus/drop push out was difficult and I believe that it potentially is a chorus that could stick in people’s heads. However it needs someone else’s touch to make it work. This is a prime reason why composition of pop music has several writers, some people are better at different things and this track illustrates this perfectly. If this was a track with several writers, it’s likely that I would have written just the chords or the topline etc and someone else would have produced the drop and done a much better job. (LO3) Albeit I believe I did not reach the benchmark, I think I strongly attempted (LO1/4 and A&O5) due to the nature of complexity and progression of the track from earlier demo quality. Not a total loss at all, but definite room for improvement.

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