Changing My Direction – Critique & Benchmarking

This track I tried to benchmark against Lorde’s first album building the track off of an 808 drum sound. I believe this has totally reached the instrumental benchmark and could easily fit onto a Lorde track. This has definitely made me achieve  (LO2/4) and also (A&O 2/3/4/5). I believe that my drum track fits in a similar sense to Lorde’s work and that I have effectively mixed a track with a similar aesthetic to Lorde. I believe the drawbacks to this track are it being sung in too low of a key, which is something that would be solved within the DAW and would be changed for the vocalist. Frustrating, but I believe that the instrumental to this is strong and uses several elements that are interesting to listen to within a pop dynamic. E.G The chorus arpeggiation which is underneath the chord stabs. Once again, I have used a real kick, snare and clap to sit underneath the drums.


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